Unique Tree Pastry & Co

Unique Tree Pastry & Co trade at Willunga Farmers Market every Saturday.

Travelling around the world is a banquet of new sights, smells, cultures and people. Most importantly for foodies like Jaki & Kaylene – food delights. Every nook and cranny of this world has an experience that is so unique, so quintessential that it makes each place unforgettable.

The produce of the Fleurieu Peninsula is such a place. Jaki & Kaylene have the delight of using its produce recipes from around the world. Recipes like French Almond & Custard Croissants, South African Malva Pudding, Greek
Lemon Yoghurt Loaf, English Pound Cake, Danish Pastries & Seasonal Fruit Frangipane Tarts.

Quality & taste are their hallmark. Come & explore what’s under their domes. If you see something on their current weekly menu you have just got to have, you can order via text on Saturdays with pick up by 11.45am.

Contact: Jaki Robertson or Kaylene Greane
M: Jaki 0428 437 971
E: auniquetree@gmail.com
W: www.uniquetree.squarespace.com
Facebook: Unique-Tree-Market-Patisserie