Yankaponga Lamb

Product line: lamb products

Contact: Garry Gum
Website: www.wattlewoodsprings.com.au
Email: gum@iprimus.com.au
M: 0428 672 166
P: 08 8558 3147

Garry Gum knows his lamb. He is a third generation farmer and breeds sheep on his Yankaponga Lamb property at Wattle Flat, between Yankalilla and Myponga on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Together with his wife Pauline and two of their children, Courtney and Josh, they specialise in breeding Suffolk rams (the black faced ones).

They prefer Suffolk because “they are hardy under all conditions, and the marbling gives the meat extra flavour and makes it tender.”

The lamb graze naturally on pasture and are supplementary fed in summer months when the pasture falls away. The meat is cut and packaged by a Meadows butcher who also makes the rissoles according to the Gum’s instructions and dices the leg cut for satays.

The rissoles and sausages are made from premium cuts of lamb only and result in a quality product. No added flavours are needed says Garry.

The family take turns to work the Market stall, with roasts and shanks selling well in winter and loin chops, steaks and backstraps in summer.

‘What I love most about the Market,” says Courtney, “is that it promotes local food and supports the local economy and artisan food producers.”

What Garry likes most is that “the Market gives the farmer back some control with quality and price.” He also enjoys selling direct to customers.

Information sheets about cooking times for different cuts of meat and recipes for lamb shanks, marinades, lamb tagine and more, are available from their stall or website.

Yankaponga Lamb takes internet and phone orders.