Bush Organics Kangaroo Island + Wild Harvest Olive Oil

As a family we harvest raw medicinal Ligurian bee honey, from pristine native vegetation rich in Mallee, Melaleuca and Tea tree on Kangaroo Island in Southern Australia. Our honey is extracted from wooden hives, hand spun, unheated and lightly sieved to retain the propolis and wax capings. Beeswax is used to make candles that purify the air and emit the same light spectrum as the sun. We handcraft soaps, salves, rubs and body oils in small batches with our organically grown flowers, herbs and natives rich in vitamins. Grown to heal, nurture and nourish.

Bush Organics Kangaroo Island produce: Raw Medicinal Honey, Bees Wax Candles, Propolis, Pink Lake Mineral Salts. Skin care – Eucalyptus Rub & Insect Repellant, Propolis Salve & Tincture, Calendula Salve & Body Oil, Wild Harvest Olive Oil Soaps infused with flowers and herbs.

Wild Harvest Olive Oil: From the Fleurieu and throughout South Australia, Phil Mather, his family and friends harvest olives from wild trees and relinquished groves. Harvesting wild olives not only enhances the flavour and character of our award-winning oils, but helps protect native vegetation and ecology by preventing germination. Care has been taken to glean fruit from clean environments free from spray and roadside pollution. Our oils are unfiltered, full of nutrients and pressed within two days of harvest.

Wild Harvest Olive Oil produce: Wild Harvest Olive Oil, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed


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