The Farm, Willunga

PRODUCTS: certified organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and olives, soaps, lotions, massage oils, balms and creams as well as seasonal jams and chutneys.


The Farm Willunga is located less than 2kms from Willunga, at 11 Martin Road Willunga South (formally known as Giles Road), with soil and climatic conditions suited to producing award winning olive oil.

Our land is cultivated using organic sustainable methods with the property certified organic and biodynamic certification.

Our “Lucilla” olive oil consistently achieves a free fatty acid content of under 0.2% well below the upper limit sought by the International Olive Oil Federation.

The olives are picked and sorted within hours and cold pressed using a modern centrifuge press. The freshly-pressed oil is left to settle naturally, after which it is bottled, unfiltered, to retain essential characteristics, such as those all-important antioxidants. These processes ensure magnificent colour, aroma and fresh fruity flavours.

We produce our own range of skin care products including lush and aromatic soaps, body lotions, massage oil, rich moisturising cream, heel and lip balm. All natural ingredients.

Seasonally-available jams and chutneys are made from our garden and orchard excess, including plums, figs, oranges, tamarillos and Lilli Pilli.

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