B.-d Farm Paris Creek

PRODUCE: biodynamic, organic milk, quark, yoghurt, cheeses, butter & lactose free milk


B.-d. Farm Paris Creek is an award-winning dairy producer located on the border of the Fleurieu Peninsula and Adelaide Hills. It was established by Ulli and Helmut Spranz, who migrated to Australia from Germany in 1988 to establish the fully biodynamic/organic farm.

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek‘s milks (plain and flavoured), yoghurts, quarks, butter and handcrafted cheeses are made from premium milk sourced from grass fed cows on biodynamic farms. They don’t homogenise their products or use GM products, hormones or ultra high temperature treatments.

Aside from their plain yoghurt, the flavoured varieties use biodynamic and organically-grown fruit and pure honey. The vanilla-flavoured yoghurt even uses real vanilla pods with their range of yoghurts including Greek style, tiramisu, dessert and lemon myrtle.

The cheese factory produces French specialty and European-style cheeses such as brie, nuage blanc, camembert, Norwegian cheese, gouda and tilsit, as well as a Swiss and German style quark.

Contact: Ulli & Helmut Spranz
P: 08 8388 3339
E: info@bdfarmpariscreek.com.au
W:Β www.bdfarmpariscreek.com.au
Facebook:Β B-d-Farm-Paris-Creek