Woodside Cheese Wrights & Coriole

PRODUCTS: goats and cows milk cheeses, Buffalo milk cheese, olives, olive oil, verjuice, aged sweet vinegar, red wine vinegar, crackers, condiments, jams


Contact: Kris Lloyd
P: 08 8389 7877


Woodside Cheese Wrights produces a range of high-quality award-winning cheeses. Their cow and goat milk cheeses are made from milk sourced from small, local dairies ensuring excellent milk quality.

Based in the Adelaide Hills, Woodside Cheese Wrights produces more than 20 different styles of traditionally hand-made cheeses, including limited seasonal cheeses, and fresh, white mould and matured cheeses.

Head cheese maker and manager Kris Lloyd, has pioneered a range of seasonal cheeses, to take advantage of seasonal variations in milk supply such as the Capricorn.

The Capricorn is a luscious, surface ripened cheese with a fine texture and subtle flavour. It is like Camembert using goats’ milk and it is not made during winter when goat milk supply is low. This cheese is best in spring when it is made with the first spring milk flush.

Kris Lloyd is supported by a passionate team of cheese makers.

Winning awards since 1998 Woodside Cheese Wrights’ most recent wins for 2009 include a gold medal at the DIAA Australian Dairy Products Awards, a gold and silver medal at the World Cheese Awards – Dublin, and another gold at the Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Produce Show.

There is also a beautiful range of handmade food products under the Woodside Cheese Wrights Artisan Foods label.