Falkai Farm

Produce: Free range and pasture-raised eggs
Attendance: Monthly – 4th Saturday

We produce true free range eggs – laid daily by happy, pasture-raised hens. Our chooks are free to forage through healthy pasture for bugs and grubs, green grass and seeds. They sleep in a converted caravan, overseen by their faithful guardian, our Maremma dog Bernie.

Our hens move to fresh pasture a couple of times a week as they follow the cattle on their regular movements around the farm, just as birds in nature follow herbivores to sanitise pastures and act as biological cleansers. This builds biodiversity, disturbs soil to encourage fresh new growth, and fertilises the pastures naturally, without artificial inputs. The chook’s diet of constant fresh pasture is supplemented with SA whole and cracked grains, all GMO and soy free.

We farm collaboratively with Nomad Farms, and have an agreement in place to share their land. This symbiotic relationship is beneficial both socially and ecologically, by encouraging community of people and community of flora and fauna.

Contact 0414 212 322