John Edmeades

You will find John Edmeades’ Native Seedlings and Organic Vegies at the Willunga Farmers Market every Saturday.

Product line: native plant seedlings endemic to the Willunga basin, some bush food plants, organic vegetables

John Edmeades’ passion for bushtucker has him building bridges between what he sees as a vegetable and what others see as a native plant.

His bushtucker plants are grown on a private sanctuary in Willunga which John caretakes. Depending on the season you could find bunya bunyas (very large nut tree from Queensland), warrigal greens (native spinach), vanilla lilies (edible tubers), ruby salt bush and muntries (berries), or nitre berry at his Market stall.

John is also experimenting with native caraway (how to harvest it and what foods to use it with), kangaroo apples, bulbine (an edible tuber), and more varieties of native berry.

The seasonal vegies John supplies at the Market include onions, leaks, carrots, turnips, parsnips, tomatoes, beans, swedes, celery, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, the occasional fruit (plums, prunes, apples, pears, quinces, figs and mulberries), and an abundance of greens.

All the compost for the garden is home made and no sprays are used.

John’s aspiration for a more holistic and sustainable way of living is behind his 30+ years experience of growing organic vegies, and collecting and propagating indigenous seed.

The indigenous plants suit the Willunga Basin area such as the hills, plains, wetlands and coastal strips.

2015/16 Product Line:
Lettuce, endive, kale, silverbeet, native spinach, herbs, parsley, dandelion, seasonal fruits (stone fruit, pome fruit, loquats, muntries) rocket, chives, beans, basil, garlic, pumpkin, tomatoes, wattle seed, cabbage, land cress

Contact: John Edmeades
M: 0488 552 797
P: 8556 7240