Farmers Scholarship

2018-19 Scholarship winners Chris & Bridgett Day, Cockatoo Creek Farm

The $15,000 scholarship, with partnership support from the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board, is open to those interested in farming  but discouraged by the obstacles of entering the industry

Developed in response to the declining number of farmers in the industry nationwide, this is WFM’s contribution to ensuring the future of farming on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The scholarship will be paid to an eligible scholarship recipient for one 12 month period in order to set up a business growing primary produce on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

In the first 12 months of the scholarship recipients will receive:

· $12,000 start up capital to grow primary produce on the Fleurieu Peninsula

· Mentorship in small business management and agriculture to the value of $3,000

· a guaranteed licence to trade at WFM to supply primary produce and a weekly stall site for two years, with the first six months free of charge

· Assistance locating possible land on which to farm, if necessary.

Scholarship applicant eligibility

To participate in the scholarship you must meet the following criteria:

· be at least 18 years of age at the time of commencing the scholarship

· be available to participate in the scholarship training, mentorship and work in the proposed business

· be independent, capable of withstanding public scrutiny and lawful

· attach a business plan to your application that is assessed as commercially viable by WFM auditors

· be established, located and operated within the Fleurieu Peninsula.

More detail can be found within the application pack (available from 20 August to 29 October 2018).
If you still have any queries please contact us on 8556 4297.

Applications have now CLOSED and announcement will be made 31 January 2019 to introduce our 2018-19 Scholarship winner.

2018 Application